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What is BQH? 

 BQH is a form of hypnosis that is a close relative of QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique created by Dolores Cannon. BQH allows you to go into your subconscious mind to visit past lives, future lives, parallel lives, life between lives, early childhood memories, or the most appropriate time and place with the intention to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. 

How to Prepare for a Session
What is the Subconscious?

The subconscious has access to all events of your current and past lives. This is what some would consider the soul. The subconscious has the ability to answer any questions you may have if it's of your highest good. The subconscious can also facilitate healing without limits if its of your highest good. 

What Can Be Healed?
  1. Skin problems

  2. Lung problems

  3. Neck and/or shoulder pain

  4. Back pain

  5. Intestinal problems

  6. Diabetes

  7. Faulty eyesight

  8. Migraines

  9. Wound regeneration without scarring

  10. Regeneration and restoration of kidney and liver health

  11. Healing of the heart without resorting to surgery

  12. Elimination of HIV

  13. Healing of joint cartilage

  14. Elimination of cancer

Session Recording

What Clients Say

  • Begin Your Journey Towards Healing with Past Life Regression Therapy in Denver
    The person you are today is a culmination of the experiences and deeds of your current and previous lives. Tapping into these energies is crucial in your understanding of yourself and who you are. Are you looking for the best past life regression therapy in Denver, CO? Divine Ascension Healing offers hypnosis past life regression services that can facilitate healing and happiness in your life. Whether you learn about hypnosis, past life regression or want to know how past life regression can assist you in getting the most out of life, you have come to the right place.
  • Divine Ascension Healing Offers Hypnosis Past Life Regression in Denver
    What does regression mean in therapy? At Divine Ascension Healing past life regression is explored in a safe and effective manner in a way that helps you heal from within. Receive spiritual and physical healing by understanding and resolving the issues caused by events in your current and past lives so that you can live a more harmonious life. Your healing journey is a unique experience, and through our customized sessions, you can gain a new understanding of your life.
  • Learn More About Past Life Regression in Denver, CO Today"
    How does regression therapy work? Do therapists actually recommend age regression? Learn more and get started on your journey with Divine Ascension Healing today to unlock the secrets of who you are. Call us now and speak to one of our team at (720) 474-8479.
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