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Group Hypnosis

At Divine Ascension Healing, we believe in the power of exploring our past lives to gain insight into our current lives. Our group past life regression sessions are an excellent way to connect with your higher self and access guidance from your spirit guides. During the session, you will be guided through a past life, future life, and meet your spirit guides, providing a unique experience of personal exploration. Our group past life regressions are done online, via Zoom, allowing you to join from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Begin Your Journey Towards Healing with Past Life Regression Therapy in Denver
    The person you are today is a culmination of the experiences and deeds of your current and previous lives. Tapping into these energies is crucial in your understanding of yourself and who you are. Are you looking for the best past life regression therapy in Denver, CO? Divine Ascension Healing offers hypnosis past life regression services that can facilitate healing and happiness in your life. Whether you learn about hypnosis, past life regression or want to know how past life regression can assist you in getting the most out of life, you have come to the right place.
  • Divine Ascension Healing Offers Hypnosis Past Life Regression in Denver
    What does regression mean in therapy? At Divine Ascension Healing past life regression is explored in a safe and effective manner in a way that helps you heal from within. Receive spiritual and physical healing by understanding and resolving the issues caused by events in your current and past lives so that you can live a more harmonious life. Your healing journey is a unique experience, and through our customized sessions, you can gain a new understanding of your life.
  • Learn More About Past Life Regression in Denver, CO Today"
    How does regression therapy work? Do therapists actually recommend age regression? Learn more and get started on your journey with Divine Ascension Healing today to unlock the secrets of who you are. Call us now and speak to one of our team at (720) 474-8479.

Group Past Life Regressions on Zoom with Divine Ascension Healing in Denver, Colorado

Welcome to Divine Ascension Healing, where we offer engaging and enlightening Group Past Life Regression sessions on Zoom, right from the comfort of your home in Denver, Colorado. If you’re curious about past life regression and hypnosis but aren't ready to commit to a full Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) or Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session, our group sessions provide a fun and insightful introduction.

What is Group Past Life Regression?

Group Past Life Regression is a collective experience where participants are guided through past life, future life, and spiritual guide explorations. While it doesn’t reach the same depth as a one-on-one QHHT or BQH session, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the process and is perfect for those new to past life regression and hypnosis. Our sessions are conducted via Zoom, making them accessible to anyone in Denver and beyond.

Benefits of Group Past Life Regression Sessions

  • Interactive Learning: Experience the basics of past life regression and hypnosis in a group setting.

  • Convenience: Join from the comfort of your home via Zoom.

  • Insightful Exploration: Discover past and future lives, and meet your spiritual guides.

  • Community Experience: Share and learn with others in a supportive group environment.

  • Fun Introduction: Get a taste of QHHT and BQH techniques in a relaxed, enjoyable session.

What to Expect in a Group Past Life Regression Session

  1. Welcome and Introduction: We'll begin with an overview of past life regression, QHHT, and BQH, and what to expect during the session.

  2. Group Hypnosis Induction: You’ll be gently guided into a relaxed state of hypnosis suitable for group work.

  3. Past Life Exploration: Together, we’ll journey into a past life to uncover memories and experiences.

  4. Future Life Vision: Explore a possible future life, gaining insights and foresight.

  5. Meet Your Guides: Connect with your spiritual guides for wisdom and guidance.

  6. Group Sharing: After the session, we’ll have time for group discussion and sharing experiences.

Why Choose Divine Ascension Healing?

At Divine Ascension Healing, we are dedicated to providing enriching and transformative experiences. Our group past life regression sessions are designed to introduce you to the wonders of past life exploration and hypnosis in a friendly and supportive environment. Whether you’re in Denver or joining from elsewhere, our Zoom sessions make it easy to participate and connect with like-minded individuals.

Testimonials from Participants

Anna R., Denver, CO: "The group past life regression session was an amazing introduction to hypnosis. It was fun, insightful, and I learned so much about myself."

Tom W., Boulder, CO: "I loved the group setting and how we explored past lives together. Meeting my spiritual guides was a highlight. Highly recommend Divine Ascension Healing!"

Join Our Next Group Past Life Regression Session

Embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery with Divine Ascension Healing’s Group Past Life Regression sessions on Zoom. Whether you’re new to past life regression, curious about QHHT and BQH, or simply looking for a fun and insightful experience, our sessions offer something for everyone. Connect with your past, explore your future, and meet your guides in a supportive group setting.



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