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What is QHHT? 

QHHT is hypnosis where you become so relaxed you slip into a past life. You relive the important events of this past life in the first person and experience your death. Your subconscious provides clarity of the lessons of that lifetime and scans the body to conduct healing if it's of your highest good. Any questions you may have about your life can be answered by the subconscious. QHHT is known as a one-time treatment that can help get you on the path to living the life you've always wanted.

What to Expect:

1. Interview - 2 Hours 

We talk about your life beginning to current in depth

2. Induction - 20 Minutes

You lay down and become more relaxed than you have ever been 

3. Past Life - 1 Hour 

We discover your past life and events

4. Subconscious/Healing - 1 Hour 

We bring in your higherself or subconscious to help heal and answer any buring questions

5 Waking Up: 10 Minutes

We wake you up leaving your past in the past

6. Review: 1 Hour 

We review all that was learned from your past life and subconsious

What is the Subconscious?

The subconscious has access to all events of your current and past lives. This is what some would consider the soul. The subconscious has the ability to answer any questions you may have if it's of your highest good. The subconscious can also facilitate healing without limits if its of your highest good. 

What Can Be Healed?
  1. Skin problems

  2. Lung problems

  3. Neck and/or shoulder pain

  4. Back pain

  5. Intestinal problems

  6. Diabetes

  7. Faulty eyesight

  8. Migraines

  9. Wound regeneration without scarring

  10. Regeneration and restoration of kidney and liver health

  11. Healing of the heart without resorting to surgery

  12. Elimination of HIV

  13. Healing of joint cartilage

  14. Elimination of cancer

Session Recording

What Clients Say


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