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QHHT Session Recording

Updated: Jun 3

Raven's Story:

Raven's parents divorced at a young age. She experienced sexual and emotional abuse at the hand of her stepparent. When circumstances shifted in the household she moved to live with her other parent. There she was forced to take care of the house and her younger siblings leaving not much of a life for herself. She experienced emotional and physical abuse at the hand of her other stepparent but did what was requested and moved out as soon as she could. Raven is known as a giving, loving person regardless of the circumstances. She has been able to repair relationships with one of her abusive stepparents and looks back on the events without bitterness.

Things Learned:

  1. She was just as caring, giving, and loving in a past life as she is in this life. She sacrificed her entire life to care for others.

  2. Sometimes the villains from one life, return to try and torment you in another.

  3. You don't have to meet people at their energy, for them to receive their karma. In this case, by ignoring them and standing up for yourself, they often create their own consequences. (in the past life, and this life)

  4. She was given the gift of being an empath to protect her.

  5. Meditation will help her to determine what emotions are hers vs others.

What was healed?

  1. Raven had lower back pain that impacted her frequently. The SC informed her this had manifested because she takes in so much energy for others, tools were given to ensure she stops taking on energy that wasn't hers.

  2. Her knees weren't mentioned during the interview but found when the SC did the scan. The knees also had pain related to taking on too much external energy that wasn't hers. Knee pain was relieved and tools were given to prevent pain in the future,

Until next time,

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