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What is QHHT?: A QHHT Session

Hello! Welcome to the Divine Ascension Healing Blog!

I am so happy you're here. I am Divine Ascension or Larissa with the goal to help you ascend. I practice QHHT in Denver, Colorado. I also do twin flame tarot, and reiki remotely. I am so happy to be on this path to help others ascend. I feel aligned with my purpose and feel immense joy from helping others.

So you've learned about QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) but lets talk about a session and what it entails.

Preparation - You watch the videos, and learn as much as you can about QHHT. You address any fears you have behind doing a session and write down all of the questions that you have for your higher self. This may be questions like:

  • What is my purpose?

  • Am I in the right career?

  • Who was in my past lives that is in my life now?

  • What lessons do I need to learn with my spouse?

  • How can I be a better parent?

  • Why do I have really bad back pain?

  • Why did I break my arm when I was a child?

  1. Interview - We sit down and talk about your life. The trauma, the joys, the insignificant stuff, your relationships, your family, your job, everything. We talk about everything, and I mean everything! I want to know you and why you are who you are. I want to know what hurts you, what makes you happy, and why you do the things you do. This helps immensely later on with the questions I ask the subconscious (higher self) and the questions that I ask during your past life. (2 hours)

  2. Induction - This is the steps we take to get you into the state of hypnosis that access your past life and higher self. This is similar to a guided meditation. Many clients may feel hesitation to letting themselves give over their control. This is natural. I remind clients that they chose to do this for the information they are going to receive. They come down off the comfy, soft, cloud down into their past life. (10-20 minutes)

  3. Character Building - We establish who you are. What are you wearing, what is your gender? How old are you? Are you healthy? Where do you live? What does your home look like? What do you eat? Who is apart of your family? What do you do with your time? Establishing these characteristics allows for the visualizations to become stronger and for the client to feel more rooted in this life to provide more information.

  4. The Story - We move to an important time in this past life. This is where the story is established. We determine what is happening, the impact on the client in that life, and what conclusions come from the events. We will jump to a few different important events in this clients past life to gather more information.

  5. The Death - We navigate to the last day of this clients past life. All symptoms are removed and the client can watch their past life death as a third party. The client reviews that life and the lessons that they learned from that life time.

  6. The Subconscious - The subconscious is brought forth and we first establish why the life was shown to the client. We determine with the subconscious if there were any people in the past life currently in the clients life. I work with the subconscious to scan the body and address known or unknown ailments, while asking the list of questions the client provides. Once healing is completed and all questions are answer we ask the subconscious to recede back. (2 hours)

  7. Waking Up - We ask for the entity from the past life to recede back into the past and begin waking up the client. This is a fairly fast process. The client may feel dizzy, or groggy upon awakening. I stay with the client to ensure they become grounded back in the current time. Many say QHHT is like going under for surgery, you completely lose track of time.

  8. Post Interview: We sit down and discuss how long you feel you were under, what you remember, and how you feel. I walk you through your session and what information was given and how it ties into your current life. I ensure you feel grounded before you leave and provide you with your recording to listen to later.

This is what a session looks like beginning to end. Lets get into the meat and potatoes! What does it sound like? I'm glad you asked.

Meet Leyna:

Leyna grew up experiencing sexual trauma and experienced abandonment issues from a young age. She grew up faster than she should have. The trauma that she experienced early on created distance with her primary parental figure. She never really established a close intimate relationship with her parental figure or siblings. She has had trouble attracting an intimate romantic relationship, and has yet to fall in love. Leyna wanted a session to understand why she experienced the trauma she has and the best way forward to manifest her purpose.

Leyna's Past Life & Subconscious

In the post interview we established the meaning behind that past life and why it's impacting her current life.

  1. The lack of intimacy she currently experiences with her family is due to the pain that she experienced losing her family in a past life. She cried a lot during the session (if you can't hear it).

  2. The lack of romantic intimacy she is currently experiencing is due to (spoiler alert) her husband cheating and her leaving and never pursuing another romantic interest before her death.

  3. She learned the importance of love of her best friend (the camel) and her son, and how important that love was.

  4. The overthinking was addressed, and I was able to give her some resources to help work on that, and it was established of how that manifests in her body. (headache and fast heartbeat)

  5. She experienced the sexual abuse to help with her purpose in this life.

  6. Her heart was healed, and she was able to process the trauma of losing her family, and the love of her life (and being content with it).

Thank you so much Leyna for allowing me to share your story, and thank you all for reading.

Until next time,

Divine Ascension Healing,

Here to help you ascend.

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