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The Secrets About Twin Flame Union

Updated: May 23

Divine Ascension, Here to help you ascend.

Today I am back at it again to debunk Twin Flames.

First off, why the hell is it so hard to be together? Why does it feel like the universe is pulling you apart? Below is the secret and truth to Twin Flame union.

What Stops Union?

  1. The Twin Flame community doesn't support union: What? What are you talking about Larissa? All of the tarot readers I've listened to want to help me. Well.. No, they don't. If they encourage you to continue to come back and if they lead you on with breadcrumbs they do not. The Twin Flame community influencers make money off of your addiction. They know you just can't get enough, and tailor their content to feed that addiction. I even do it, it helps get you here to see the truth. Many tell you to focus on yourself but don't tell you how. It doesn't benefit them for you to go into the union because they make money off of it.

  2. Junk Food Spirituality: Many people get introduced to spirituality through discovering they have a twin flame. You, in turn, are taught things like twin flame meditation, dark night of the soul, and triggers, but again to continue the spin of capitalism you are rarely told how to overcome these things. The basic fundamentals are often missed not giving you the real information needed to actually get on the Twin Flame Journey (which, mind you, is not about getting your twin flame, it's about ascending).

  3. Misaligned Information: You are given information that is not actually in alignment with the universe. The act of watching tarot readings continually goes against the law of attraction. You are watching videos and expressing to the universe with your addiction to tarot readings that you lack your divine masculine and in turn, manifest more separation.

  4. Divine Masculine is Separate: Like in the Junk Food Spirituality section: many spiritual concepts that are important to your growth, like "we are all one” are skimmed over. You focus on the physical person which is out of alignment with the connection. It's the focusing inward and connecting with your soul that allows for alignment to the twin flame connection.

  5. Bitterness: Yep, I said it. There are so many disgruntled divine feminines in the comment sections of tarot readings, beating their breast screaming about what a piece of shit their masculine is. They forget that their masculine is their mirror and that if her masculine is putting off "piece of shit" energy, then so is she. They put their beliefs about their masculine's out into the universe and get that same energy right back.

  6. Expectations: You expect your divine masculine and the twin flame connection to be exactly as you imagined, and when things fall short you become bitter (see the above point). ex·pect /ikˈspekt/- require (someone) to fulfill an obligation. With this very rigid belief system, divine masculine often falls short of expectations of his feminine. Divine Masculine often feels like he's gotten off of a long day of work, and you've got a list of things he didn't do right with his day and a list of more things to do. It's exhausting!

  7. Other's Influence: The twin flame energy is easily recognizable. It's important that the relationship remain private because of the impact of others' energy on the connection. Many people can identify the energy and may become envious and try to influence the connection in negative ways

The Secret to Move Towards Union: Divine Feminine

  1. Divine Feminine: This is addressed to divine feminine because you are the only one that is going to be reading this. Divine Masculine does not typically know about the term "twin flame," Will not understand it or care if you explain it, and will not identify with it. Why? The divine masculine is the unconscious party of this connection, meaning he does not know what's going on. You are opposites in some ways and this is a very vital way. With the conscious vs unconscious dynamic, guess who is in charge of moving things forward? YOU Divine Feminine. What does this mean? This means if you are "waiting for union," the only person you are waiting on is you. This doesn't mean that there is no sense of responsibility for the divine masculine, this just means that as you lead forward with the ascension of the connection he will be healing and growing too, he just won't consciously know it.

  2. Divine Feminine Traits VS Divine Masculine Traits (Polarities)

DM & DF both have very distinctive traits. These are energy polarities, meaning your soul typically leans towards one or the other. An important factor of moving towards union is understanding that your main goal is to balance these energies within yourself. Divine Feminine should take a page out of DM's book. He knows how to set boundaries, he puts himself first, he doesn't sweat the small stuff, he uses his logic. DF shows DM how to be nurturing, how to be forgiving and compassionate. When they can both adapt to each other's traits the connection moves towards alignment.

3. Sobriety: Divine Feminine must realize that her obsessive energy negatively impacts the connection. For as long as the DM is at the top of her brain the longer he's going to run from her. Divine Feminine must take a vow of sobriety from twin flame readings, social stalking, obsessive thinking, and future planning. She must work at this as a drug or alcohol addiction.

4. Inner Alignment: This is an important part of the journey and typically the most tedious. The DF must look back at her life and understand her triggers and why they are there. This includes doing shadow work, confronting her demons, and releasing stuck emotions. Stay tuned for a shadow work post in the future. She starts to clear out some of the pain that she has held onto for so long. She identifies the blocks that have prevented for her to be on her path, and be the best version of herself.

5. Wish Fulfillment: As DF starts to shift her energy she starts attracting more of what she wants. She gets the job she wanted, the house, the dog, she resolves decade-long familial issues, she loves herself more and it shows. She doesn't think about her masculine as much anymore, in fact, she is so busy living her life that she doesn't have time to think about him. Things really start taking off and she creates a life that can't be leveled by anything.

6. Union: The definition of union truly shifts. It's not about being with your twin flame anymore, it's about being in alignment with yourself and the universe. You don't care if you end up with your Masculine. Your life is so full that it doesn't matter. It wouldn't add or take away anything. That attitude right there is just why it may happen.

All aboard Divine Feminine,

Don't miss the boat.

-Divine Ascension Healing,

Here to help you ascend.

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