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What are Twin Flames?

Hey There, I am Divine Ascension (or Larissa) my goal is to help you ascend.

So let's talk about it. WHAT ARE TWIN FLAMES?

Well, twin flames are what most consider to be soul mates. They say that humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus feared their power so he split them into two separate parts condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. Whether there is some truth to Greek mythology or not Zeus was onto something. Twin Flames are powerful, and here is why.

Twin Flames are the same soul, often times incarnated at the same time. You are them, they are you. This is really important and something that many twin flames aren't aware of. This knowledge explains so much. Let's get started with the traits!

  1. The Meeting: This happens in an interesting way. It's happenstance, serendipity. You didn't expect to meet them, or you've known them all your life. You may or may not recognize the connection at first, but you never forget the moment you met them.

  2. The Clicking: You find that you and your twin flame just click. Things about your personality that may annoy others, they embrace. You feel yourself at ease in their presence and find being yourself as natural as breathing. You aren't getting to know them, you are picking up where you left off.

  3. The Falling: You can't tell when it happened, but know that once it has there is no going back. You fall for them just like falling asleep. You don't remember it, but you know you needed it. It is all-encompassing. You've been waiting for this person all of your life.

  4. The Triggering: When the honeymoon phase ends, oddly the triggers of all of your deepest fears come up. If you were abandoned as a child, the thought of them leaving you can bring you to your knees in an instant. They become your mirror showing you all of your deep-rooted traumas

  5. The Separation: The triggers get the best of both of you. What you want from them, they can't seem to give you and they leave. Try to peel yourself off the floor, I dare you.

  6. Dark Night of The Soul: Most of this time is spent weeping and asking the sky, wwhhhyyyyyy? In the most dramatic way possible. You lose your sense of purpose, you lose the ability to shower. Oh yeah, and you forget what the purpose of life is. Fall in love they say. It'll be fun.

  7. The Awakening: You peel yourself from the floor, shower, and decide you need to do something different. You hop on the good ole' google machine searching keywords to describe this whirlwind romance. You search things like "bigger than a soulmate" or "other half," and come across the term twin flame.

  8. The Obsession: You read the definition and this is the only thing you've found that describes what you've been through. You just got a surge of energy and you will not sleep until you understand what this means. You start watching tarot readings. (I know right, tarot readings) Anything you thought you knew and believed up until that point is up for grabs. You've just been introduced to spirituality, and it wasn't what you expected.

  9. The Awakening Part 2: You are now a twin flame expert. You've learned about meditating, that the government is tainted, and energy. You've learned that you are divine feminine and energy polarity and that he is your divine masculine. You've learned that you are not alone and there are thousands of others going through this. Whenever you speak to your masculine the same thing happens again, he leaves. Your rinse, wash and repeat the above steps until...

  10. The Alignment: You get tired of feeling shitty. Your divine masculine has hurt you so much, and you want to stop giving your energy to a connection that feels dead in the water. So you stop watching the tarot readings and obsessively talking about your masculine. You start taking better care of yourself, you start doing shadow work and healing the things that he triggered within you. Who you were at the beginning of this is gone. You think about your masculine, less and less. You move on.

  11. The Courting: You're living your best life. The business you started, or hobby that you pursued when you were tired of feeling crumby is really taking off. Then you get a knock on the door or the phone call. This time your heart doesn't jump out of your chest, it's just a phone call. Your masculine wants to see you. You're not knocking over things to get to your calendar, you tell him you'll shoot him a text later of when you are free. It's not even your top priority, but you get back to him a day later, and he's happy to hear from you. You set up a public date and hang up. You are so occupied with your new healthy life that when the day comes to meet up with him, you realize you almost forgot about it. He tells you about all of the things he went through and that he's ready to move the relationship forward. Months ago these would've been the words you've been waiting to hear, now you're more concerned with putting yourself first. He invites you back to his place, but you respectfully decline as you had plans after your meet-up, and were really looking forward to them. He asks you out for dinner and you agree.

  12. The Union: You and divine masculine have been dating for months and you've been intentionally taking things slow not putting the connection before yourself. You maintain the life that you created for yourself and find him being an addition to your happy life and not the center of it. He makes an offer of commitment that you accept. You no longer trigger each other and get into a good rhythm.

A Twin Flame connection is so powerful because of the transformation that occurs. So many divine feminine's get stuck at step 8 and find it so hard to move beyond it. The connection forces you to address your unconsciousness to stay in alignment with the connection.

More on that later.

Divine Ascension Healing,

Here to help you ascend!

Signing off.

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